$785 Million Settlement reached to resolve Medicaid rebate claims against Pfizer

Settlement Amount: 

A settlement has been reached to resolve Medicaid rebate claims against Pfizer.

The allegations arose from a lawsuit, claiming that the company's Wyeth unit overcharged government Medicaid health programs for the heartburn drug Protonix.

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit in April 2009 against Wyeth, alleging Wyeth of failing to provide to state Medicaid programs the same price discounts for Protonix that Wyeth was providing to certain nongovernment customers between 2001 and 2006.

 “We are pleased to have reached an agreement in principle to resolve these cases, which involve historic conduct that occurred at least 10 years ago, before Pfizer acquired Wyeth,” said Doug Lankler, Executive Vice President and General Counsel. “The resolution of these cases reflects a desire by the Company to put these cases behind us and to focus on the needs of patients.”

Pfizer acquired Wyeth back in 2009.

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