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The Whistleblower Institute is an information portal for current or former employees and other people having insight information about wrongdoing and other illegal activities by individuals either individually or within corporations, through company culture and or within international affairs. This website is presented to you by Thieler Law Corp. and its law firm network.

This website is dedicated to the fight against corporations violation national laws and international laws driven by corporate greed. 

We help whistleblowers find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. It might be a simple question as to “how do I start an investigation and how do I talk to?” or “How do I get the burden of secrecy of my shoulders and talk to someone in private?” to complex questions of how to pursue legal actions against “Discriminatory harassment” or legal actions against foreign bribery and how much do I get paid when I step forward?

We have a unique approach and advantage to all other websites and local law firms. We speak multiple languages, we have staff that speaks English, German, French, Spanish and other languages. All our staff is professionally trained in handling these matters and all conversations with an attorney are confidential without and cost or risk to you.

We are a compromised network of national and international law firms, lead by Thieler Law. We work with law firms all over the world that are specialized in whistleblower law and their protection, corporate law, employee ERISA litigation, international matters, such as Securities Laws.

Our unique approach enables us to have whistleblowers at their location represented by a local law firm and talk at their location to a real person while we fight together with law firms at the location of the wrongdoing.

This site and the information provided herein, is provided as a service and should be considered information only, for the purpose of education and should not be relied upon as legal advice. We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided but we make a best effort to provide clear and conscise data. The whistleonfraud.com website is an information portal for education and research.


The Whistleblower Institute

You can reach us at:

2534 State Street - Suite 406

San Diego, CA 92101, USA

Phone: +1 (619) 866 - 6157

Facsimile: +1 (619) 785 - 3185

Email: mail@whistleblowerinstitute.com

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