United States Intervenes in False Claims Act Lawsuit against a Mississippi Hospital, Two Individuals and Management Company

The United States has intervened in a lawsuit and filed a complaint against H. Ted Cain, Julie Cain, Corporate Management Inc, and Stone County Hospital Inc for submitting false claims to the Medicare program by knowingly charging excessive and ineligible expenses from 2002 to the present.  

The government’s complaint alleges that the Cains as well as the hospital and the management company abused the special Medicare rules for rural hospitals.  In particular, the government contends that they claimed to be serving the hospital in various management and directorship positions but in fact did little of the work for which the hospital paid them and any work they did duplicated work performed by the hospital and the management company staff, which were also paid by the hospital.  The government also contends that Ted Cain improperly claimed the expenses for his personal luxury automobiles on the hospital’s cost reports and his management company wrongfully charged to the hospital work that he did at his other businesses.

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