$7.5 Million Settlement reached in Whistleblower lawsuit with Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers

Settlement Amount: 

A settlement has been reached in a whistleblower class action lawsuit brought against Orbit Medical and Rehab Medical, a partial successor of Orbit.  They are accused of submitted false claims to federal health care programs for power wheelchairs and accessories.

The whistleblower will receive a $1.5 million share of the government's settlement.

The lawsuit alleged that Orbit sales representatives changed or added dates to physician prescriptions and chart notes to falsely document that the prescription was sent to the supplier within 45 days of the face-to-face beneficiary exam; changed the physician prescription to falsely establish medical necessity for the power wheelchair or accessory; created or altered chart notes and other documents to falsely establish the medical necessity of the power wheelchair or accessory; forged physician signatures on prescriptions and chart notes; and added facsimile stamps to supporting documentation to make it appear as though the physician’s office had sent the documents to Orbit.

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